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ERU Hungária Cheese Manufacturer Ltd. is one of the leading processed cheese manufacturing companies in Hungary with a significant export towards neighbouring countries, partners in the EU and overseas. Most of the brands produced for the Hungarian market are traditional and well known ones like Camping, Mackó, Margaréta.

We pay special attention to the content and the appearance of our products, to meet the current needs of consumers. In the process of product development we are focusing on having user friendly packagings and different delicious tastes, to help everybody find his favourite cheese. 

HUNGAROPACK Hungarian Packaging Competition Special Award for CAMPING

The cups of new CAMPING CREAM CHEESE are awarded on the 31st competition. The producer is Greiner Packaging Ltd. The packaging won the Special Award of GS1 Hungary Ltd. An important reason is that CAMPING cups are produced with IML technology that contributes to sustainability and also makes the packaging attractive, elegant.

HungarianBrands 2014 award for Camping

In three consecutive years Camping is awarded with Hungarian Brands award, by the Superbrands Hungary's Comittee of Experts. The decision was made based on independent data and researches. Camping is a real Hungarian brand, and can be one of the TOP200 consumer brands.

Our Camping products suit to the expectations of present age. Therefore a new cream cheese cup product family was launched in 2014. And we offer also the traditional roll pack processed cheeses, the popular triangles and slices as well. 

Win with the Camping cheese!

Camping is popular also in Südi Iringó's dance camp

Camping cheese contributed to the camp with pleasure, that was held in Cserkeszőlőn in August for children. The sport is very important, also when we talk about the children. The dance is a perfect form of sports. Camping cheese helps to have the needed energy for sport activities. The creamy taste of Camping portions enchants anybody. Everyone can find his favorite taste, no matter if it is the classic Plain, the piquant Hot paprika, the delicious Ham or one of the other popular tastes. Excellent for sandwiches. Südi Iringó's favourite is the Ham portions.

New product family in Camping portfolio

The fine quality new Camping cream cheese product family will be loved by everyone. You can eat them for sandwiches, toasts, good dips and you can use them when you cook deliciuos soups, meat dishes, pasta dishes and desserts. Available in Plain, Lactose-free, Smoked cheese and Green herbs versions. In 125g and 200g elegant cups.




26th May, 2014

Camping was on the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad

The Fair was held between 20 and 26 of May, 2014. It is more than an agricultural exhibition, because the related sectors also participate in the event. The fair is mainly for public but there are many professionals, business people as well.




Sandwich picture contest

Take a picture of your favourite sandwich and win - The contest is over!

The game was very successful amoung the Facebook users. We got lots of creative sandwich pictures, and thousands of votes. The Camping jury found his favourite photo, the "Bunny sandwich". Congratulations to the winners.

Camping - Sandwich picture contest

Take a picture of your favourite sandwich and win!

Like our facebook page, register, and upload a picture of your favourite handmade cheese sandwich! Collect votes and win! You can win every week. At the end of the competition you can win an Ipad mini, a Nikon camera or a Tefal toaster. When you buy a Camping cheese for the sandwich, don't forget to keep the bill, because we will ask you to show us, if you win. The competition runs from 17th of March 2014 to 13th of April. 

Details and Competition 
New Camping lactose-free family

New product family is available in the CAMPING portfolio. These products are for those, who are suffering from lactose intolerance. These products makes their life easier. They contain vitamin D, Calcium and Phosphorus but do not contain Lactose. Available in Portions, Slices and Sausage versions. You can make delicious sandwiches, toasts, hamburgers with them, and they are perfect for cooking too.

ERU got international Certificates

ERU HUNGÁRIA Cheese Manufacturer Ltd. paid special attention to the development of the quality control system in 2012. Thanks to this, beside the existing ISO 9001:2008 certificate ERU got the IFS and BRC certificates as well.

The IFS and BSC are globally recognized standards for rating the food safety and quality management systems of the suppliers and producers. Miklós Ostermayer, the Managing Director of ERU Ltd. said: "The ERU Hungária Cheese Manufacturer Ltd. is proud of the nice results, achived on the audits; which were warmly welcomed at the international and local partners too."

CAMPING won Hungarian Brands 2012 Award

The Superbrands Hungary's Comittee of Experts awarded the brands who can be the worthy representatives of the Hungarian companies in Hungary and abroad. Camping was also awarded in 2012. We are proud of our traditional brand.


Hungarian Quality Product Award for Camping


Already for the 15th time was announced the Hungarian Quality Product Award Competition. Only those products and services could apply, who are produced and distributed in Hungary. 6 members of the well known, beloved Camping roll pack family won.  (Creamy, Smoked, Hot Paprika, Wild garlic, Salami, and Light). The award was given to our Managing Director, Miklós Ostermayer.